To UAN with <3

Hey you,

Yeah, it’s you – a member of UAN family. I’m glad to be a part of it, too. I am here to help you have a greatest UAN membership ever.

So, what can I bring to the table?

It's all about strengths.

When we work in any organization, we of course want to contribute our best to that organization, aka our strengths. Some are good at marketing, others maybe events, sales, technology, singing, dancing. My strengths is developing people.

Back to the time I was a young and wild leader. I love leading and managing teams, functions and organization. In 3 years, I have created hundreds of young and dynamic leaders for the world. 

What I particularly love about leadership job are not sales, revenue but seeing people successful in their work and life.

I love to empower people to live their best potential by providing them timely support on personal development. I do not care about what methods I will use to achieve that purpose as long as they are suitable.

I can train, mentor, coach or consult people on following topics: team leadership, team management, emotional intelligence, self awareness, work and life motivation

I am happy to bring this strength to our community, UAN. With my support, you will be “con hổ có thêm cánh”. 

Btw, below is my international coach certification from ICF. I coach professionally for 50$/ session.

My support for UAN will be limited to 8 free of charge 1:1 sessions per month due to my heavy workload (cơm, áo, gạo, tiền). This kind of 1:1 support shall be granted for those those having significant contribution to the organization (Unlocker level and above). Inactive and new members are excluded.

Each member will have maximum 2 sessions per month with me.

Learn more about me!

It’s difficult to show you who I am, what I have done, what kind of expertise I have earned in this page. That’s why I have a separate page for telling those stories in HD.

You learn more in details me in this page below:


Tell me what you need

It is my motto: Trying to helping without understanding of the person is a waste of time. 

In upcoming time, IC team and I will release a survey form to understand your experience as a member UAN. 

Remember to fill the survey “thật có tâm” nhá.

Or if you need my support now, just contact me personally and share your needs. I surely take that into consideration for building training, mentoring content, and coaching topics.

My Facebook Profile below:


Talk to you soon,